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Timmdek® is the sustainable wood composite decking product that both beautifies the exterior of your home—while making it more sustainable.
Making use of sustainable materials at the core of our business—literally. Not a single tree was cut and more recycled plastic than one can think of gets used to make our Timmdek® range of composite deck products. Timmdek composite decking is the industry leader that offers an incredibly durable material, with unrivalled warranties.
With our new range of low-maintenance composite decking boards you get the perfect balance of form and function. Timmdek® is the ideal environmentally conscious alternative to timber decking, and we believe that matters. Choose from an extensive range of natural coloured decking—with long lasting durability, resilience, beauty, and peace of mind.


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Not a single tree was harmed in the making of this product. Made from 95% recycled and recliamed materials.

Moisture resistant

you can rest assured that our composite decking boards maintain peak performance around pools, lakes, and dams.With proven low moisture absorption, ,

weather resistant

We’ve tested our composite deck boards under the harshest weather conditions imaginable, and every single time we come out on top. When we say weather resistant—we mean it.

low maintenance

Every single product in the Timmdek line requires: No Varnishing, No Sanding. Simply clean when required.

Slip Resistant

We made slip resistance one of our top priorities. We understand most of our composite decking is installed in areas where water is often present. We produce stunning finishes, and tough decking—with serious slip protection.

uv resistant

Get a lot of sunshine? Don’t worry. We designed our composite decking to withstand direct sun with the absolute highest UV index. Any climate, full protection.

Composite decking vs Wood

Natural Look & Feel

Low Maintenance



    Natural Look & Feel   

      Low Maintenance      ?

            Warranty             ?



Wood composite that lasts

Decking range

Wood composite that lasts

Cladding range

Wood composite that lasts

Cladding range

Wood composite that lasts

Screen range

Wood composite that lasts

Pergola range

Wood composite that lasts

Pergola range

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